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Check out our on-line store for Apparel, Swag, and pay for team fee’s. All on-line with a credit card. Ea. read more. Discover the subtleties of the game that the average player never takes the time to learn. Learn how to stand out and get noticed. A must for any young player that wants to advance to the next level – whether high school, college, or even the NBA. PGC is a fantastic experience for players and coaches. You will leave this program not only a better basketball player, but a better person. I would love to have an entire team of PGC graduates. Dear basketball coach, I know how hard it can be to come up with ways to get your team to winmore often than you do. You long for your team to be playing like theKentucky Wildcats, Kansas Jayhawks, Miami Heat or the Los AngelesLakers. You may know a lot of things. But,perhaps you do not have a lot of time to try and come up with a solidstrategy that will work for your team, right now, today. So here is what you arelooking for. If you want tohave access to the plays all the winning teams that you seedoing well after year are running year in and year out to achieve theirwins. And you want to know exactly how to run those plays. You owe it to your players to seek outthe best offensive plays and best defensive sets ever conceived of sothat they can be the best they can be. You know that your team isn'tperfect and whether they need to improve a lot, or a little, they canbenefit from learning what the best coaches of the game have used towin titles year after year and decade after decade. You will never need to buy anothercoaching manual after getting access to these coaching and clinic notescollections:. Even a basketball imbecilecould come up with ways to improve a team using these notes. In fact, if you have been asked to coach a team and have no idea whatyou're doing, you need these more than anyone! And if you are a top coach, you will be able to use these notes betterthan anyone. You know what works, and you know that you need to keep itfresh and keep the opposition guessing. If you can master the balancebetween running what you do well and adding to it with the right newplays, you will greatly increase your chances of long-term success andstaying power. - Top plays from coaches like JohnCalipari, Roy Williams and many more. - Playbooks of NBA teams from the seasons they were champions - How the best teams in the U.S. get their players conditioned to lastthe whole season, playing with energy until the last whistle of theyear - How to master the famous Princeton offense, used by inferior playersto triumph against superior opponents No matter your experience level of a coach, you will love what'sinside. That is, if you want to improve your team's performance. If youdon't think you can learn something new for when you face a losingstreak or when you don't dominate each facet of the game as well as youknow your players can, then click away now. - Even classic, timeless strategies that the best teams still run anddo so effortlessly. In the Worlds Greatest Collection ofBasketball Coaching Notes Volume 7, you will enjoy: - The playbook of the Miami Heat, and the offensive playbook of thePhoenix Suns, one of the best NBA offenses over the last 10 years. - Out of bounds plays from apro team. No shortage of options for when you need a set play to scorefrom out of bounds, fast! - A breakdown of the vauntedSyracuse 2-3 zone. Jim Boeheim of Syracuse runs this better than anyoneand that's why they are continually at the top of their conference,year after year.    . In the Worlds Greatest Collection ofBasketball Coaching Notes Volume 9, you can learn: - The high intensity practice secrets of Bob Huggins, a coach who isrenowned for getting players playing with passion and intensity nomatter the game. - Dean Smith's classic delaytactic, the four corners. Run this like his team's did and you will bebetter at keeping big leads. - How to win with less talent as described by an experienced NBA coach.    . discover: - UCONN's 2-2-1 press to force opponents into easy turnovers and fastbreaks for your team. - How to make your transition game just like Duke's. - Workout secrets of legends of the game such as Steve Nash, Larry Birdand Michael Jordan. The best players in the world are great not onlydue to natural ability, but due to their unrivaled commitment to workhard off the court.    . , youwill have: - Ways to make your post players improve their game,straight from CoachK. - The secrets of the strategy to use if you have point guard college coaches clinic great ball handlers,the dribble drive motion offense. Now you can exploit this strength togreater effect. - A detailed breakdown of thePrinceton offense, so you know exactly how to run this amazingoffensive weapon which has frustrated hundreds and thousands ofdefenses over the years.    .   Nowhere else will you ever find acollection like this, for this price You know how much you would be paying ifyou had to buy all of these volumes separately? $149.50!. But I want as many people aspossible to get a hold of this massive collection of basketball notesfrom the greatest minds in the game.Instead of paying hundreds to buy these separately, or tens or hundredsof thousands of dollars if you attended clinics held by all of thesecoaches, you pay just. To Your Success, Scott Peterman P.S. I reserve the right to take this down at any time, so be sure tobuy today. This deal may not be here when you come back. I'm crazyenough as it is for offering thousands and thousands of basketballnotes from the most elite coaches you can find anywhere. Buy now beforeI come back to my senses! P.S.S. These training notes, clinic notes, practice notes, and winningstrategies from legendary coaches such as Phil Jackson, Dean Smith andJohn Calipari will only make a bad coach good and and a good coachgreat. You know you need this, whatever your skill level. Hurry up!  .