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As one of the smallest of the five federal service academies, we offer an experience of quality of education, focuses on providing leadership, physical fitness and professional development. Our cadets are dedicated to a concept of honour and go directly to managerial positions in the service of others. 03.1 2015 08 arrivals, here are two of my colleague and it was our first time experience something like Spa Castle. I loved the saunas. Have different temperatures and different benefits, should explain that on the map. My favorite was the Himalayan salt sauna, which was set in a moderate warm temperature. (Hint: bring a small donation for use as a pillow, towels to sit or sweat way to exterminating.)Our culture is different than most other and uncomfortable to be naked. But I thought bare bathrooms (separate genus) were great and it was my first time to try it. (Hint: Super incómodo y ael principle, pero nos vemos descubrió otras personas, pero no los miro. )) And then, ultimately, understand that you don't have to feel so confident. ) On weekends made special bath event; When I went, rosewater was on Saturday and Sunday, and medicinal herbs. Bathrooms are nudes in the same area as open showers, that combination of bathing/towel/apply a uniform rule, you know, so if you want to rinse after a day, but it's not comfortable being naked in front of other people, will have to wait until you get home. If you prefer to use the pools, where you can wear a swimsuit, are large and time, can also with people of the opposite sex who will accompany him. (Hint: the jets are great and a promising alternative for paying $ 100 + for a half-hour massage.)The food is expensive, and you pay when you want to eat healthy. Unfortunately went last 10 bar fruit dollars/lb (who knew that it would be difficult to super expensive fruit) to the restaurant on the third floor, where I and my friends we optati for one of the cheaper options are adding their spicy ramen for $ 9. 95. the command, we realized we had a photo of Shin Ramen mass in your kitchen and sold in a plastic container the same ramen Food Court stock for only $ 5. She was the only difference that contain our cooked for us eggs, scallions and a skinny a few other things, and we have three little Banchan (appetizers) kimchi, bean sprouts with fish and Marinades. (Hint: If the version just cheaper than Ramen in food court and 3) Eat to make the point. ) The parking, we parked in your garage when we arrived and then he tipped the valet our car led us as we were. The changes you need to make: there must be multiple clocks. Many people bring their phones on it and not be in a spa, carries a clock, so it would be nice if you could check regularly. He is urgently needed more characters unique indicating that saunas, quiet zones. The most miserable experience in the sauna of the loss you feel with their legs cross six girls Pajamas of the circle involved in the style of the evening and talk and laugh laughing while disturbed the point guard college contact environment of each. They told me anything except that I did not know that the talk was official, until I read the rules of sauna. To resolve this issue, you can also use-albeit in a lighter-multiple times in different saunas. Cups of water are pathetic; The need is really like the sleeves of the document where you will receive the hotel key card when you sign up, a little bit, take a SIP of water. You really should upgrade to traditional paper cones, particularly needed, reduce the amount of water is needed, after the heat saunas to rehydrate. (Hint: you can connect your empty water bottle filling station water. ) So the same icy best room temperature relaxation area with deck chairs. There are three places to sleep, had a cold (empty in 1-1/2-nd) cold in the relaxation room, heated sauna stays at low temperature which was (until overcrowded) with grass mats on the ground and the last one was a partitioned space of experimentation as well as food court with a thin mattress on the floor (fully on the second floor). If a room temperature changed cold bath, would so many people. In other words, not all employees through the obligatory purchase of ticket to interact, to pick up my uniform, i.e., etc. and not even use all the services that are available for a fee. I understood what they said other Yelp on customer disservice to satisfy, but luckily I found. $ 50 for an entrance ticket, $ 5 for shoes (which I decided to use it again) and $ 10 for lunch of ramen wasn't bad for seven hours at $ 65, we passed. I want to come back in a few months. 3-5 stars ,.